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    I dropped my fish!

    I was moving my fish from one tank to the other, and he jumped. He landed on the ground. What do I do? I put him back in his tank.
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    How many snails for a 5 gallon tank?

    One or two, depending on how many fish live in there.
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    First Tank Help

    The 2-gallon tank sounds great! That would be a great improvement to what most betta fish live in. For now, you don't need a filter, and if you have some extra money then you could buy one, but for a betta, I don't think it is nessisary
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    Dying gourami?

    I am so sorry!!
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    Black Moore Question

    Look at the ingredients on your food. Get back to me once you have that or, it will be something like shrimp and you will not need to. Or, it could be a digestive issue.
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    Need help please

    Choose one of the schools, and then your catfish and pleco sound great!
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    Betta Heavy Breathing

    Sounds like you got this under control, and I hate seeing fish in the tiny little cups.
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    Worried about a tank cracking....

    The chances of this happening are so small! the only reason a tank would break is if it was somehow damaged. If you wanted to you could reseal the outside if you are really worried about it
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    New over the top aquirium

    You can do plants, and I would say around 120 small fish (1inch and below) or 7ish larger fish. I don't know what kind of fish you want, but any extra preference info would help!
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    Stocking Question

    That is very much pushing it if you add another. I might be able to help better if you could post a picture.
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    Good tank mate for black moor goldfish

    I would suggest one or two plecosocomus as they clean the tank and don't swim around much.
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    Goldfish fuzz

    Definatly quarintine ALL sick fish from now on! I hope your fish made it!