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Guppies losing color

Discussion in 'FreshWater Beginner Information/Questions' started by missi, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. missi

    missi Small Fish

    Feb 21, 2005
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    Can anyone tell my what causes fancy guppies to lose their color? I have 2 in a QT, another that died overnight and 2 others that are quite healthy and vibrant- all have been in the same tank. The 2 in the QT have almost clear tail fins now and are lethargic at best. One is actually staying vertical in the tank. Neither are eating. Just yesterday everyone was perfectly fine. Is this an illness, or an unfortunate side effect from the water quality?

    Water temp is 74-76 degrees
    7.0-7.2 ph
    1.0ppm ammonia
    2.0ppm nitrite
    20ppm nitrate
    water is very clear
    vacuumed and changed water (abt. 35%) yesterday.

    Unfortunately, I did not know about cycling when I set up the tank, but am working on it with good progress.

    1 dojo loach
    2 clown loachs
    5 neon tetras
    1 albino cory
    1 peppered cory
    3 balloon mollies
    2 apple snails
    2 guppies (healthy)
    2 guppies (sick, color fading-in QT)
    1 guppy (dead, colorless overnight)

    On edit: it is a 29 gallon medium planted tank, all other fish look superb
    On 2nd edit: One of the QT guppies died an hour ago. I give the other less than an hour. *SICK*
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    Last edited: Feb 25, 2005
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