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So after I've moved my tank to its new home 2.5 hours away, apparently the snails survived the move without ...

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    Default Snails OVERRUNNING MY TANK

    So after I've moved my tank to its new home 2.5 hours away, apparently the snails survived the move without the water, and now have started to multiple extrodinarily... Other than buying the damn "snail b gone" stuff how can I get rid of them...

    I've tried the whole cucumber at the bottom of the tank and out of the 30ish small snails I have in the tank, only got 2 of them.

    As far as snails go they are very slow moving because they are much smaller just like small tiny dots on the glass, and on some of the plants..

    The snails are located in a 55g tank with a solitary Red bellied pirhanna just wondering what everyones take on them are...

    They aren't really harming anything I'm just afraid of the snails getting way out of hand.....

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    Smile "kill all snails"rarrrrrrrr lol

    i had the same problem once when i bought some plants it came to a point they took over the tank all i could do to stop them was stick the fish in a bucket and use boiling water to wash the ornaments i had, as for the filter anything that didnt crack with the extreme heat i used boiling water too and a old tooth brush to get into the nook and crannys ,
    i left the stones out of the tank for a week or so and placed them in a warm room till they dried that way i knew all snails died out and the eggs died off the tank looked odd with no stones for a while but better looking odd than snail invested again after the week i used boiling water for the stones ,i scrubbed my tank like crazy twice in 3 hours that way i could see what ones i missed when it dried out too ive never had a problem since then ,any plants you buy you should always stick in a bucket of water for a week or so and check for snails as for using snail treatment just for a safe measure even stick all your ornaments in snail soloution to be extra safe, hopefully after these steps your tank will be fine

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    Too many snails are a sign of overfeeding. You can cut back on feeding to reduce the numbers.

    When you use cucumber, you use a slice or a wedge, and put it in at night and take it out in the morning before you turn the lights on.

    Snails don't harm anything.

    If you want to get rid of them, then you need to break the tank down and replace the gravel and scrub the whole tank, and cycle it before putting fish back.
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    I had the same problem and ended up picking most of them out by hand. I picked out all of the bigger ones and a lot of the small ones, and sold them to Limi for her puffers I still have quite a few but they are tiny, so I am going to wait for them to get a little bigger before I pick them out. It was a pain in the ***, but it was better than breaking down the whole tank and having to cycle again. If nothing else, at least take out the ones that are big enough to breed.

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    isnt there a fish that eats snails? Like a loach or something?
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    Yes loaches and puffers will eat snails, but i do not reccomend you buy more fish to fix problems that you alone caused.


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    I like having tons of snails, what's the problem? =D
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    i dont mind them... bot i feed them to my puffers. they dont hurt much unless they are pond snails.

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    are they not a parasite?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchgrant View Post
    are they not a parasite?
    No, they are harmless. They eat algae and old food. People don't like them because they multiply fast, and too many look unsightly. They are not a problem unless you don't like the looks of them.

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