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Cold water algy eaters

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Is ther such a thing.. i need one for my goldie tank somthing small as its only a 10gal. i ...

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    Default Cold water algy eaters

    Is ther such a thing.. i need one for my goldie tank somthing small as its only a 10gal.

    i seem to get a lot of the brown looking algy yes my nitrite levels are fine acording to my test kit.

    wht can i do. and b4 anyone suggests a bigger tank i nither have the monew or the room let alone the willpower to talk the wife around

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    A Hillstream Loach is probably your best bet. You'll need some current in there though.
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    I have a plecostomus (if that's correct) in the tank with my goldfish.... mmmm maybe i shoudln't tell you that.. i didn't knwo they had to be a certain type of algae eater for cold water...

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    As you have a 10GAL - I'd suggest you look up the fish you're planning on getting, mainly because some need quite abit of room! I have always thought a snail was the right way to go... It's up to you. Just PLEASE research the fish first.

    PS: A Hillstream loach is a hard little fish to find! Plus - with any Loach, they have their moments of aggression (so i've heard).. and as they need a currant, you'll have to spend abit more to buy an air pump or something for them.. Hmmmm - Perhaps a huge tank cleanout will solve the problem.

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    go for a snail....

    You could get a pleco, but they can get HUGE......

    And, I don't think oto's are okay in a goldie tank......

    Siamese algae eaters are too agressive....and are tropical....
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    Amano shrimp prefer cooler temps as well, and they do an awesome job on algae. I keep CAE, SAE, and Amanos in my unheated tank. Temps get down to about 68 or 70 in the winter and the fish love it.
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    Best fish I found for clearing up algae in a coldwater tank is a garra pingi pingi.
    Like the hillstream loach, they are hard to track down and very territorial - I have two in a four foot tank and one keeps the other in a corner.
    Hillstream loaches are difficult to keep long term. Like many, mine just died on me and didn't seek to put on any weight despite eating all day long.
    I wouldn't keep a pleco in a 20g with a goldfish.
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