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Molly with suspected dropsy, Please help!

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Hi ive just noticed my black mollys scales are slightly sticking out under his belly. He hasnt got the big ...

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    Default Molly with suspected dropsy, Please help!

    Hi ive just noticed my black mollys scales are slightly sticking out under his belly. He hasnt got the big bloated dropsy belly yet. So i dont know if this could be a sign hes getting it? Ive added multicure to the whole tank just to be safe i dont want anything spreading to all of them, it just doesnt look normal all the others belly scales arnt slightly raised. On the other hand he still active and is eating well could anything else be causing this or is it sounding like early stages of dropsy? They are already in brackish water so no point using salt to help treat him hmm i dont know?? Unless epsom salts does something different from the instant ocean im using?
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    Quarintine the sick fish immediately, so that other fish won't get sick.

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    If it is still eating it could be a mild case of bloat. Quarantine him immediately and feed him some fresh peas. Small pieces of course, but not too many. If you don't see a change within a few hours, chances are it could be the beginning of dropsy. Act fast because dropsy is lethal.
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    I agree quarantine! If it's dropsy there isn't really much you can do. Try the pea thing and see if that helps.

    It's the raised scales that usually defines a fish's illness as dropsy rather than bloat. I had a fish once who had dropsy (no doubt in my mind - the scales stuck right out) and I ended up just putting the fish down.
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    Yeah, I too, doubt it's bloat. We can keep our fingers crossed! Keep up water changes. I swear they do miracles.
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