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Red Claw Crab: DEAD or MOLTING (pics included)

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Alrighty so I brought home this little guy on Saturday and he was very active going all over his new ...

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    Exclamation Red Claw Crab: DEAD or MOLTING (pics included)

    Alrighty so I brought home this little guy on Saturday and he was very active going all over his new 29G home. He even got up into my Eclipse hood to hang out for a bit on a couple of occasions. Yesterday he started just wanting to hang out on the coloseum ruin instead of exploring. I noticed a couple days ago also that his lower carapace "trap door" was open where these crabs will exit upon molting. As of about 14 hours ago he has been laying at the very back middle of the tank upside down with his trap door hanging open. I have had these guys previously and had them shed and believe I saw this as molting behavior. He hasn't budged now in 14 hours in this position. Is he dead, dying, or molting? PLEASE ADVISE!

    [see attached images for reference]
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    Are you sure that's not just the empty exoskeleton? I would think that it would be strange for one to molt in what looks like more out in the open there. If he/she's still in there it might be dead. I might give it some time and make sure that other fish aren't picking on it as I'm sure you know that when they molt they are very vulnerable.
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    Yeah I got to agree with Big O on this one. I think it would run off and hide. Did you try and move it?
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    Poke it or maybe thumb the sides (if near it) softly, if still nothing then swirl something near it.

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    i think mine might be dead... it doesnt move and its a bit discolored. i tried poking at it and it doesnt move its just there, i noticed it yesterday and its been in the same position since then... how do i know if its dead, or how long should i wait to take it out?

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    if its been there for a day without moving i think its safe to say its dead, but i might just be the shell can you tell if its an emty shell?

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    I dont know about red claw crabs molting but I know the fiddlers eat their exoskeleton after they molt.

    dont quote me on this but I think these crabs are actually brackish and should have access to land, I believe keeping them completely submerged in freshwater will cause premature death.

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    Brian you're absolutely right there. I worked at my LFS for a while and we got a huge shipment of these every week from Thailand, and they went in the brackish section in half-filled tanks decorated with "islands" of driftwood. It was quite common for them to spend most of their time on the driftwood and even climbing up the undergravel filter tube.

    As the others said, check the shell isn't empty, as he may have molted and hid. However, I don't think the tank is suitable for it long term they shouldn't be kept with fish, they should be kept in a paludarium with brackish water and plenty of land space.
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