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Is this play sand safe?

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Quikrete at Lowe's: 50 Lb. Play Sand its from lowe's. and it looks good, but just wanted to make sure ...

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    Default Is this play sand safe?

    Quikrete at Lowe's: 50 Lb. Play Sand

    its from lowe's. and it looks good, but just wanted to make
    sure if it was safe to add to my tank. i want to use it to
    plant some hairgrass.

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    I am going to say it is fine

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    I bought 50 punds of play sand for my 10 gallon dwarf puffer tank from lowes. The bag was different (clear) and only cost like 5 dollars at the most. Dwarf puffers are not really hardy so since they are doing fine in it, I'd say it's good. Just make sure you wash it good.
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    Play sand works just fine. I used to have it in my crabs tank, but I replaced it bc it started to harbor algae and was a pain when I did water changes.

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