I have seen online that this information is obscure.

Some of the All Glass Aquarium/ Perfecto/ Whatever 10+ gallon aquarium sets sold at Petsmart, have old fashioned metal box ballasts. Others have round plug-type starters that are easily replaced and one can buy the replacements from Petsmart or from Drs. Foster and Smith.

The ballasts atleast for the 20 gallon tank with the 24 inch hood, 18 inch flourescent tube that is 14 or 15 watt, are IGI13-20EL, and are made by Inter Global. However most suppliers that carry it sell only in bulk.

Inter Global customer service referred me to Lens Masters, yup, the eyewear people, at 314-427-1660. They said there is just one supplier of their parts - atleast for the likes of us. Guy there is shipping me two ballasts (yeah, a spare for the next time I drop the hood in the tank), for $7.95 each plus $12.00 shipping, UPS ground to take just under a week to reach me, he thinks. The shipping fee applies regardless of how many you buy.

Replacement is straightforward; the plugs for the flourescent tube are part of the ballast. One black wire goes to the switch, and one black wire and the white wire go to the power cord. Twist on connectors are used.

Dora Smith